■ Release date of Float Arm System

INON INC. releases "Float Arm System" generating great buoyancy underwater to control total underwater weight of camera system for confortable and easy handling from 『December 4th, 2008』.
Promotional movie shows effectiveness and advantages of Float Arm System.

“Float Arm System” movie 【redirect to an external web site】

【「Float Arm」 series releassed on December 4th, 2008】

・「Float Arm S」
 --Buoyancy:-75g / weight (air):142g

・「Float Arm M」
 --Buoyancy:-135g / weight (air):181g

・「Float Arm ML」
 --Buoyancy:-210g / weight (air):235g

【「Mega Float Arm」 series upcoming products】

・「Mega Float Arm S」
 --Buoyancy:-390g / weight (air):219g

・「Mega Float Arm M」
 --Buoyancy:-650g / weight (air):295g

【"Lens Holder" compatible with “Float Arm System”】

・「AD Lens Holder」(*1)
 --available in the market

・「M67 Lens Holder for Float Arm」(*2)
 --Released on December 4th, 2008

Maximum two "AD Lens Holder" can be attached on each "Float Arm System" to carry maximum two compatible lenses; AD Mount series attachment lens (「UCL-165AD Close-up Lens」/「UWL-105AD Wide Conversion Lens」/「UFL-165AD Fish-eye Conversion Lens」) or 28AD Mount series attachment lens (「UWL-100 28AD Wide Conversion Lens」).

Maximum two "M67 Lens Holder for Float Arm" can be attached on each "Float Arm System" to carry maximum two compatible lenses; M67 Mount series attachment lens (「UCL-165M67 Close-up Lens」/「UWL-100 Wide Conversion Lens Type 1」/「UWL-100 Wide Conversion Lens Type 2」).

「Float Arm S」
「Float Arm M」
「Float Arm ML」
「Mega Float Arm S」
「Mega Float Arm M」
*from the top.

「M67 Lens Holder for Float Arm」 on Float Arm M

Main features

Great buoyancy
The Float Arm uses weather-resistant ABS material for its component arm body to lighten total weight creating extraordinary buoyancy together with its hollow arm body design comparing to existing solid arm type float system. The hollow arm body enables not only helping weight trimming but also provide extra buoyancy.

Wide variety of Float Arm
Float Arm system has total 5 different model; 「Float Arm」 series of standard φ52mm/2inch with three different length and 「Mega Float Arm」series of φ97mm/3.8inch with two different length. New INON Float Arm system including existing 「Arm Float S」 provides perfect solution to benefit you with desired underwater weight of your camera system depending on personal preference, shooting style, conditions.

Rigid and stable gripping
The Float Arm is fully compatible with existing INON Arm II system with its high-precision machined aluminum alloy ball joint providing stable clamping together with its O-ring on the ball joint and stress-free handling. Your INON Arm II system is fully compatible with new Float Arm and you can add INON lens holder on the Float Arm.

INON commits to work on underwater weight
We, INON will announce underwater weight not only housing/strobe but other accessories as much as we can to support people to consider selecting INON products knowing total underwater weight before purchasing them. Please visit following link page where you can find underwater weight of INON products as of November 2008.

 Please visit following link page for detail of Float Arm Systems and underwater weight chart of INON products.

・「Float Arm System」 brochure (PDF:397KB)

November 28th, 2008